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The History of HeartSmart

Having studied and practiced integrative medicine since the late ’80s, I became interested in the actions of dark chocolate upon the actions of its components on heart health and stroke which appeared in a Japanese study. I had previously developed a multi vitamin/mineral and pre-collagen formula so I began to think that if dark chocolate had such a good affect, that augmentation with other anti oxidants would add to the benefit.

I then chose those vitamins with anti oxidant action to be added to the chocolate and after obtaining the mixture my associate( Paul Miano) and I brought this to a local chocolate candy producer and we manufactured our first samples of the dark(72%)chocolate with the anti oxidant compound. The taste was excellent.

The next step in the development came when I discussed the product with another associate, Dr. Mark Pasula, who evaluated the mixture. He also had developed a number of supplements for GI health and was the developer of the LEAP test for food sensitivity.
He also had been interested in the affect of curcumin and its effectiveness in treating disease. He had developed an antigen extract of the substance and dispensed it in an oil base.

Together we then discussed the adding of his anti oxidant to the chocolate bar we already developed. After a number of sample productions we came up with the final product , a deliciously healthful bar based on the Japanese study indicating the positive affect on health re: the cardiovascular system.

The literature is replete with studies of the affect of dark chocolate on the human body, including lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, reducing the rate of heart attack and stroke, and now studies being done to show curcumin’s possible destruction of cancer cells known as apoptosis.

We have produce a bar divided in seven sections, to be eaten one piece /day (approximately 0.42oz., slightly more than was used in the Japanese study) and packaged it in a four pack for a month’s supply as a supplement not to be sold as a chocolate bar.

Dr. Herbert Pardell, D.O., F.A.A.I.M.