The Team

Dr. Mark Pasula, PhD

Mr. Pasula has an extensive background in the development of leading nutritional supplements including Digest RC. His primary focus for over 35 years has been on the development of in-vitro technologies designed to uncover hidden inflammatory foods and... Read More

Paul Miano

Mr. Miano is the founder of Aesthetic Mobile Laser Services, Inc. (1998) and Physicians Laser Center, Inc. (2006). Mr. Miano holds degrees in both finance and accounting and has developed Aesthetic Mobile Laser Services into one of the... Read More

Dr. Herbert Pardell, D.O., F.A.A.I.M.

Dr. Pardell is certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Physician Specialists. He has been a consultant and practiced Internal Medicine for over 50 years. He has also been involved with integrative medicine since the 1980s and... Read More